Thursday, 11 June 2015

Operations Seen

I have made this post to detail the operations that I have witnessed fully during my veterinary practice work experience.

Dog Spay:
-The vet cut through the skin, fat and tissues to reach the abdominal cavity.
-The uterus and ovaries were then pulled into a more visible position, ready for removal.
-The ligaments joining the ovaries to the abdominal lining were cut to allow the ovaries to be taken out.
-The cervix was sutured closed to prevent infection which could otherwise be likely to occur.
-The ovaries were checked to make sure they were completely out.
-The dog was then closed up neatly.

Dog Castration:
-The area between the scrotum and the penis was cut open.
-One testicle was pushed through the lining to be pulled out, clear and ready for removal.
-Two clamps were placed on the duct with a gap between them.
-A square knot was then tied just below the lower clamp before the lower clamp was moved up above the upper clamp and the knot tightened and secured.
-This action was then repeated for extra security.
-The testicle was then cut off and the end of the duct remaining sank back into the dog's body.
-The same process was repeated with the second testicle.
-The dog was then closed up neatly, with emphasis on moving the fat back to where it was and leaving a bit more give in the skin to hide the knot a bit more.

-The damaged cruciate ligament was removed completely and the cartilage in the knee was checked for any damage.
-The vet made a cut at the top of the tibia and he then rotated the plateau so the joint was leveled.
-A metal plate was used to secure the new angle of the tibial plateau and this was set with screws.
-The leg was then stitched up.

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