Friday, 12 June 2015

Forest Vets Epping V

12th June 2015

My final day of work experience at this hospital was eventful.

Before surgeries started I put a cat into one of the cattery cages before she had her operation and I went with a nurse to walk a dog who hadn't urinated since her operation. These were small tasks but helpful in learning how these things are done so I can do this in future placements. Similarly, I learnt how to lift a larger dog onto the tablewithout pressing on the stomach/bladder or hurting the dog.
This can also be carried over to any other placement.

I got to watch the dew claw removal of a guide dog as it was affecting his work and this was interesting to see as the claw and the thumb area needed to be removed, not just the claw. I then watched the removal of a jaw mass on an old German Shepard and this was a very quick procedure.

Another quick procedure was the eyelid mass removal on another dog which followed. I noticed the cleaning of the eye for the second operation was different to the cleaning of any other operation area I'd seen and so this itself took a bit more time than cleaning another area might have done.

Later, I watched another tightrope procedure on a dog and this time it was far easier to see as there were less surgeons in the theatre to watch. It was a longer operation than the rest of the day's operations but good to watch.

An unplanned operation on a small dog was the last of the day in which a disc on its spine needed to be removed. It was difficult to see as the dog was very small but I did see the disc after it had been removed and was surprised at how small it was.

It was a great end to the week and over all a very enjoyable week that only strengthened my dedication and desire to become a veterinary surgeon.

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