Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Forest Vets Epping II

9th Jun 2015

My second day started with watching the shearing of a cat to get it ready for its operation, followed by watching an IV be fitted in an Akita ready for a spay. I got to go into the theatre to watch the spay on the Akita and this was very interesting to watch as well as educational as I got to learn what was happening at each stage of the operation.

After this I got to see the preparation of a Dachshund and part of the operation to fix its fractured pelvis though this was quite difficult to see due to the amount of surgical equipment that needed to be used in such a small dog.

A nurse taught me about how dogs and cats are woken up after an operation and how they needed their breathing tube removed differently due to the delicate trachea of the cats.

I helped to clean up after preparations and I also helped to clean the large theatre, the X-Ray room, the nurses' consultation room and the dental room.

At the end of the surgical day, I helped to top up the supply of gowns, table drapes, catheters and syringes.

I also got a chance in my break to practice some interview questions with a veterinary student and this was very useful to give me more of an idea of what to expect in university interviews in the future.

Today was once again very helpful and educational!

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