Tuesday, 9 June 2015

RVC Open Day

9th May 2015

Even though this was not part of my work experience as such, I did learn some skills throughout the day.

I learnt how to suture using a skin model and this was something I found initially difficult but could see how it would become a lot easier with practice.

I also learnt how to tie knots in the way that it is done in practice and I also practised putting on a gown and gloves whilst trying to maintain sterility which was very difficult!

I learnt how a tube may be used to treat a horse with colic and I got to insert a catheter into a pretend dog leg and bandage the leg of a stuffed dog.

I found these tasks fun and a good insight into what I might be expected to learn in the 3rd year of the veterinary medicine course.

The students that helped throughout the day were very informative with everything to do with the course, work experience, applications and animals.

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