Monday, 8 June 2015

Forest Vets Epping I

8th Jun 2015

I had my first day of a week long placement at the Forest Veterinary Centre in Epping.

The day started with a catheterisation of a dog and later in the day I got to witness 4 more of these, all on dogs of different sizes, ages and breeds.

I got to witness part of an arthroscopic surgery to fix the elbow of a Labrador. It was interesting to see the way the camera was able show all of the elbow and the issues with it.

I later got to watch the vet fix a total ear canal ablation on a bulldog that had gone wrong at another surgery. This was especially fascinating as at one point, the dog's ear didn't even look like an ear, but when it was fixed, besides the sutures, it looked perfectly normal.

A castration and hernia repair on a cavapoo puppy was performed after the TECA and I got to watch this surgery also.

When all of the surgeries for the day had been finished, I helped to clean up the theatres and into the assessment area and X-Ray room.

Throughout the day, the staff at the centre were very helpful and informed me about the surgeries that were happening and how other aspects of the centre operated such as the X-Ray machine.

Overall I had a very informative and enjoyable first day.

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