Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hereford Farm

14-16 Feb 2014

I spend the weekend at a working sheep farm in Hereford. I was lucky enough to visit during lambing season and so I got to help out with the lambs on the farm.

I got to ride on the farm tractor over the fields to feed the older sheep and lambs and I also got to feed the newborn lambs whose mothers could not feed them.

I saw the device used to feed lambs using ewes that have already had their lambs, which kept them in place to allow the lambs to feed from them.

There was a vet called out to fix the prolapsed uterus of one of the ewes and I was allowed to watch the procedure as it was carried out.

I noticed that as this is a working farm, the way the sheep were handled was far different and harsher than in educational/entertainment farms, purely due to their purpose as livestock and not pets/show animals.

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